C.A.T. Program


Community Action

The Slater-Marietta Fire Department Community Action Program allows members of the community to have access to resources and medical aid from the Fire Department that may not be easily obtained through different avenues.

To find out more and see if you qualify, Contact Eric McCarson at emccarson@slatermariettafd.or

Community Care Program

Allows qualified chronically ill patients who need non-medical help such as household chores, meals, transportation, and yard work to get assistance.

Medication Assistance Program

Allows patients to receive qualified medication at no-cost to them. Community Care Paramedics will assist with picking up medication as well.

COPE Program

Serves overdose patients in the county. Visits are done each Wednesday. Social Workers from the Phoenix Center also ride along to provide resources for extra help and provide nasal Narcan to patients.

Other Services

Check Blood Pressure and BGL. Help patients understand medications. Provide financial help for medications, CRIB Program and Meals on Wheels. A Free Mobile Clinic is also located at 712 Grove Rd. Greenville, SC


Fire Chief: Adam Brown

Deputy Chief: Zachary Crutchfield


Capt. Ben Moses
Lt. Dakota Matheney
Zach Shipman
Austin Talley
Doug Bowlby
Clint Keels
Austin Youngblood
Jamie Jones


Capt. Holly Nourigat
Lt. Roger Simmons
John Mahaffey
Chandler McMakin
Nouirgat Holly
Grayson Bartow
Jacob Crutchfield
Taylor Gilbert
Eric McCarson


Capt. Jason Sprouse
Lt. Branson Bowns
Shane Walton
Brandon Smith
Brandon Duncan
Travis Peake
Shawn Jenkins
Eric Jenkins
Jeremy M Cruell