Fire Suppression And Prevention

Slater-Marietta Fire Department

Slater-Marietta Fire Department provides the residents of
Slater-Marietta with prompt and professional fire and rescue services. This department is a combination fire department, consisting of career and volunteer personnel.

The district encompasses a 60+ square mile region and has four stations throughout the district. The department currently has an ISO rating of 4. Slater-Marietta Fire Department is proud to serve the Slater-Marietta area and its people. 

Our community is our priority and we aim to be an integral part of keeping you safe.

Slater-Marietta Fire Department

Public Services

As well as being an emergency response agency, our team also works closely with the community by providing informative and educational seminars. At Slater-Marietta Fire Department, fire safety is something we take very seriously. Public services provide us with an opportunity to learn about the residents of the neighborhoods we serve.

C.A.T. Program

The Slater-Marietta Fire Department Community Action Program allows members of the community to have access to resources and medical aid from the Fire Department that may not be easily obtained through different avenues.